How to add an Outline to a Text in GIMP

GIMP is Free and Open-Source software. GIMP is an acronym for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a Raster Graphics Editor & can use for Image Retouching and Editing, Free-Form Drawing, Converting between Different Image Formats, and more Specialized Tasks. GIMP is available for Linux, Microsoft Windows, and macOS.

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An Introduction to GIMP

When talking about Photo/Image editing Softwares, no one can forget Adobe Photoshop. GIMP & Photoshop has significant differences. Photoshop is more advanced than GIMP. It uses more resources and needs a Mid-Level or better Computer to run smoothly. Photoshop is a Paid application. So we have to Buy it to use, but GIMP is a totally free application. It is light-weight and can work even on a Low-Performance system.

Though it is not much advanced and doesn’t come with large editing facilities, gimp is very useful for people. You can not only use gimp to edit a simple image, but also create attractive images, advanced photo editing (using tools in smart ways), and colorful design. In GIMP, our innovative imagination is the key to take gimp closer to Photoshop. Editors can go to a High-Level editing with provided settings, options, and tools in GIMP. So sometimes others couldn’t be able to guess the software which used to make such a nice view. 🙂

You can Download the Original Latest GIMP – GNU Image Manipulation Program Here.

Now let’s get to learn some techniques of this Image Manipulation Program. I will try to teach you some tips, editing tricks and bring some more lessons about GIMP in the future. In this article, you will see how to add an out-line / border to a text line (letters).

How to add an Outline to Text in GIMP

Open the GIMP. But you couldn’t find a tool to add outlines directly from the editing dashboard. In the user interface, there is no such tool. So, follow the steps below.

GIMP - How to add an Outline to a Text Line.
How to add an Outline to Text in GIMP – The Cyber Flame

1. First Type a Text ( Letter / Word / Sentence ) that you wanted to add an outline to highlight and Select the line using mouse point.

2. Then Right-Click on it and choose “Path from Text” to Create a Path from the Outlines of the current text.

3. Click on Select in the top menu & choose “From Path”. Now you will see the text has highlighted with stripes.

How to add an Outline to Text in GIMP

4. Next, go to the Edit section and click on Stroke Selection to paint along the selection outline.

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5. You will get a pop-up window to choose Stroke Style. Try to change the Line Width (I have set its size to 15 for the below images). Also, you can try changing other settings in this menu for different styles.

How to add an Outline to Text in GIMP
Select from Path

6. After all, click Stroke. That’s it! Now the text has an outline.

(Go to Select in the Menu and click None to finish.)

GIMP Text OutLine
GIMP – OutLine

For a better look, I change the outline color of ‘LINE’ word in this picture. So it appears more clearly in the background.

Add a Text Outline Easily
Text Outline

As you can see, I have added two Text Layers to separate the ‘OUT’ and ‘LINE’ words. So I can apply two different colors to the outlines.

Using an outline to a text is very useful often when designing graphics with texts because it helps to show the text-lines highlighted from any background situation. And also, it gives an attractive vision to the image.

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