How To Connect Switch To TV? Complete Guide

It’s game time with your buddies. Nobody wants to play the same old board games. As a result, you’re searching for a method to show off your new Mario Kart abilities. Fortunately, you have a Switch in your suitcase and a TV in the living room. So, how to connect a Switch to a TV?

Because the Nintendo Switch is both a portable and a home console, it can connect to your television in the same manner that a PlayStation 5 can. It implies you’ll be able to connect it to your television fast. Understanding how to connect your Nintendo Switch to a TV may enhance your gaming experience significantly.

Nintendo Switch 

The Nintendo Switch can play in various modes; the first is a portable mode for single-player players. The second is the tabletop mode, in which you may utilize the switch tablet’s kickstand as a tiny screen. You can either play it in solo or group mode in this game. And the third mode is docked mode, in which we can play games by connecting the Nintendo Switch to the TV. This function gets primarily utilized while playing Nintendo games on a widescreen.

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Things You Need To Connect To Tv

Things you’ll need to connect Nintendo switch to TV are as follow:

  • Joy-Con controllers for Nintendo Switch
  • AC adapter
  • HDMI cable
  • Nintendo Switch dock
  • HDMI-compatible TV

How To Connect Switch To TV? 

Follow the procedure below for how to connect Switch to TV. 

  1. To begin, remove the Nintendo Switch Dock’s rear cover
  2. Plug in the USB cable. The Nintendo Switch’s power cord gets connected into the dock’s top entry. The “AC Adapter” is the appropriate positioning of the power line on the base
  3. The opposite end of the AC adaptor must get connected to a wall socket.
  4. Connect one end of the HDMI cable to the bottom inputs of the base, which are labeled “HDMI OUT.” The HDMI input on your TV or monitor should get linked to the other end.
  5. Close the Nintendo Switch dock’s back cover and slide the switch into the slot, aligning the charging port with the dock’s connection.
  6. Remove the console’s left and right Joy-Cons. The side controls are removable, simply by pressing a back button. After connecting it in mobile video game mode, the Joy-Con can also use in TV mode.
  7. Place the Nintendo Switch on the dock with the cables connected, and the Joy-Con highlighted, with the TV screen facing the same direction as the front panel that displays the game’s name.
  8. Turn on the television and choose the appropriate HDMI input. When the controller is correctly attached to the base, the built-in display of the switch is deactivated.
  9. After properly connecting your Nintendo Switch to your television, you may wake it up by hitting any button on a linked controller.

How To Connect Switch To TV Without Dock

If your dock got broken, misplaced, or simply curious, how can the Nintendo Switch link the TV without a dock? It is because playing the switch on a TV needs more power. Connecting the switch to the TV might be complicated, but tie your Nintendo Switch straight to the TV; The components discovered with the dock will be required. To connect a switch to a TV without a dock, you’ll need USB Type-C cables, a High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cable, and a suitable adapter. The following stages will give us an idea of how the operation will go:

  1. Make sure the original Switch dock get inserted into the socket, and the HDMI wire gets connected to the TV
  2. Make a little space to allow the ventilators to work, then turn the Nintendo dock upside down. Then, from the smaller side, connect the USB-C cable to the USB-C port inside the dock. For them to work, you must verify that the wires are correctly connected.
  3. Finally, plug in the other end of the USB-C cable to your Nintendo Switch and turn it on to make sure you did everything correctly.
How To Connect Switch To TV- Complete Guide. Things You Need To Connect To Tv, or Connect Switch To TV Without Dock, and The Nintendo Switch not connecting to the Television solved.
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash.

The Nintendo Switch not connecting to the Television. [Solved]

From one issue, “how to connect switch to TV?,” you may run into another one, “Nintendo switch not connecting to TV.” If no picture appears on the TV screen when the Nintendo Switch is docked, or if the console does not wake up from sleep mode when connected to the TV, one of the connections may get damaged. One of the primary reasons your dock isn’t working might be the cords you’re utilizing with it rather than the dock itself. It might be with your switch’s power cord, or it could be with the HDMI cable you’re using.

Examine the HDMI cable with other devices and televisions. If the issue persists, turn off the TV and detach all cables from the Nintendo Switch’s base, or unplug both ends of the power cord for at least 30 seconds to reset the console’s power.

If the problem still exists, it’s time to look at your Nintendo Switch’s power cable. While removed from the base, connect the power cord to the outlet and then straight into the game.

Examine the accessories for any damage to the cord or USB ports. If any damage gets discovered, it is preferable to replace them.

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Final Thought.

The procedure of connecting the Nintendo Switch to television is simple and easy. So you can say goodbye to the same-old boring type of portable controller and enjoy your game without having to deal with those tangled, lengthy wires. But also, connecting your switch to a TV without a dock may appear complicated, but you now have a fundamental understanding of what to do when you don’t have a dock nearby. So grab a snack and begin playing your favorite Nintendo games.

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