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What is a Computer?

What is a Computer? A computer is any machine that can program to execute a series of algorithms and mathematical instructions. The computers as we think of today are so much more than earlier.

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Parts of a Computer

The Motherboard

All the components of a computer communicate through a circuit board called the motherboard. Identify the motherboard as the glue that holds everything else together. The motherboard’s video card and CPU are housing in an integrated chipset. It is where input/output devices such as keyboards, mice, and speakers are plugging in.

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

The CPU often refers to as the “brain” of a computer. As thanks to its direct plug-in connection to the motherboard. And it is communicating with all other computer components. Every time you write a code line, it divides into assembly language, which the processor can understand. It receives, decodes, and executes these instructions. The CPU comes from there. The central processing unit takes care of all the processes that control a computer.

The Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

It’s not uncommon for players to hear about the next new graphics card. Because these graphics cards enable computers to generate high-quality images that can find in many different types of video games. In addition to video games, good graphics cards are also helpful for those who rely on images to execute their craft, as well as formats that use resource-based software. Graphic cards often communicate directly with the display monitor, which means that a high 1,000 graphics card will not be so valuable if it is not connecting to a high-level monitor.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

RAM, also introduced as volatile memory, stores data on frequently accessed programs and processes. Again, it is calling volatile memory because it is erasing every time the computer restarts. RAM helps programs and games start and close quickly.

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All computers want somewhere to store their data. Also, modern computers use either a hard disk drive (HDD) or a state drive (SSD). Thus, HDDs are made up of virtual disks that store data. The disk read by a mechanical hand. HDDs are cheaper than SSDs but are slowly becoming more and more obsolete. Besides, SSDs have no moving parts and are faster than a hard disk because you do not have to wait for a mechanical hand to find the data on the disk’s physical location.

The Power Supply

As you may have already guessed, the power supply is the power of the computer. It ensures that every other ingredient gets the juice it needs to function correctly. Also, the power supply looks like a black box. It is connecting to the motherboard, where it supplies power to other parts of the computer. On the other hand, the power supply is mounting to the motherboard. Also, it is related to some power sources.

If you use a desktop, that power source is a power supply. The fan of the power source plays a significant role. It cools the inside of the computer as it must prevent overheating. Also, it is essential to keep the fan clean, which means that the computer is powering on.

The Hard Drive or Solid State Drive

RAM is unstable due to its temporary nature, which means that the computer still needs permanent data storage. So it is why the hard disk or state drive exists. Traditionally, a hard drive is a drum that rotates on several disks, and the physical hand then writes data to these disks. The latest hard disks are faster than state-of-the-art drives, but they are much slower due to the data storage mechanics.

State drives are similar in memory to your phone or flash drive and are also known as flash memory. They are more expensive, faster, and more efficient than traditional hard disks. Data stored on the hard drive will not disappear when you shut down your computer. It will last when you restart the computer. However, you are advising to keep it away as your information may lose due to magnetic damage.

The Optical Drives

Today these are significantly reduced, and many machines are completely removing from them. It uses an optical drive to read CDs and DVDs and can be used to listen to music or watch movies. They can also use to install software, play games, or write new information to disk.

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Input/Output Devices

Based on the type of computer you have, several devices can connect your computer to input information. Three examples of input devices are the mouse, keyboard, and webcam. Examples of output devices include monitors and speakers. There are also removable devices such as SD cards and flash drives that can transfer data to and from your computer.

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