What Makes a Computer Fast – Fully Explained with Main Facts

Computer component performance can measure in gigahertz and gigabytes, but not the sum of its components as a whole. It is difficult to measure whether a computer is “fast” because the same hardware configuration can feel fast or slow. Also, it occurs depending on how the components interact and how you use the computer. What makes a computer faster? If you play a lot of games, work as a designer, or want your computer to run as softly as possible, you must have a fast and powerful machine. If you want your computer to be fast, you need to make sure you focus on getting the right parts to work together.

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Processor (CPU)

The most crucial component that speeds up a computer is the central processing unit (CPU) or processor. So, the CPU is the part of the computer responsible for data processing. That is, reading and implementing program instructions. How fast a computer can do this is called its “Clock Speed.” More instructions on how the CPU can work per second; Your computer will be faster. The first computer processor, the Intel 4004, had a processing speed of 740 kHz (92,000 kHz).

Modern computers have multi-core GHz (GHz) processors. Thus, it means they have multiple CPUs so that they can execute multiple instructions at once. These computers are capable of processing 100 billion instructions per second, which means that computers are now running at significantly faster speeds than ever before.

Depending on which CPU is best for you, it depends on what you are using it for it. When you use it for everyday tasks such as browsing the web and checking your email address, a dual-core CPU is a low-cost and energy-efficient choice. If you want to play and play live streams or use a computer for your work as a designer or engineer, it is worth investing in a more core processor.

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Video Card

The video card or graphics processing unit is the final hardware that affects your computer’s speed. A GPU specializes in an electronic circuit designed to quickly manipulate and modify memory to accelerate the creation of images intended for output to a display device. If you play many games or work with pictures, you can see why you need a faster GPU to provide images for your screen. Depending on what type of GPU you want to speed up your computer, it may be best to purchase a separate video card. It is because access to RAM is required for the GPU to work.

Integrated graphics cards use the main computer’s RAM and a separate GPU with its RAM kit. Thus, it demonstrates that you have dedicated RAM to graphics processing and that your main system RAM can focus on processing other functions.


RAM is the computer’s short-term database used to store working data. It’s better to have more RAM on your computer because when it runs out of RAM, your machine will have to send some unused data from RAM to the hard drive to store it again. Primarily, it adds an extra step to processing and can slow down your computer as the hard drive is a slow form of computer memory. The more programs you use at one time, the more RAM you will need. If you want your computer to run various programs and still be fast, try to find the best machine with as much RAM as possible. 16GB is best suited for professional work and high-demand games.

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Hard Drive

Depending on what makes a computer faster, the hard drive also contributes. Conventional hard disks (HDDs) have moving parts. The speed at which these parts move, measured in revolutions per minute, affects the speed of your computer. Unlike HDDs, most modern solid-state drives (SSDs) do not have movable partitions but instead use flash memory. To the insufficiency of moving parts, SSDs are not affected by RPMs and are generally faster than HDDs.

When talking about what makes a computer fast and powerful, it’s not about only hardware. The performances depend on the software too.

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Operating System

Another feature that speeds up the computer is the operating system. The operating system is a software program that allows all of the hardware, as mentioned above, to communicate and work with computer software. Without an operating system, your computer will not work. For a computer, the current operating system is Windows 10. Windows regularly release new versions of Windows 10 to repair. Or troubleshoot security issues, which can slow down your computer.

Keep your operating system up to date to ensure your computer is as fast, efficient, and secure as possible. Old operating systems may not be able to support modern technologies. New technology is constantly introducing to speed up your computer. If you do not have an operating system that supports these new technologies, you will not take advantage of their benefits in terms of computer speed.

The above information reveals what determines the speed and power of a Computer, almost. Now you probably have a better idea about what makes a Computer fast & it would be helpful to you to understand how to make your computer faster.


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