DJI Spark 2 Release Date, Specs & Price – Will there be a DJI Spark 2 or is it discontinued?

What is DJI Spark drone?

The DJI usually releases new drones every year. That’s why Spark owners wonder when their drone will get a refresher. No one knows for sure what the DJI will be up to next year, let alone their employees. But with DJI currently having a set of drones for sale, the chances of a new Spark drone coming out in 2022 seem slim. DJI may be focusing on bringing a new Spark to market.

It has been several years since DJI introduced a new drone targeting its customers. 

The Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom models have also been released. Consumers are often hoping that the world’s top drone maker will release an update to its popular model.

Drone DJI recently released the Spark 2 drone. The original Spark was released in 2017, and it’s been upgraded after a long time. 

The Spark is smaller in size than the Mavic series. It is considered by everyone to be an excellent accessory for holidays and family events.

Will there be a DJI Spark 2? Is DJI making a Spark 2?

Chinese drone maker DJI is rumoured to be preparing to release the Spark 2 drone. Compared to the original Spark launched in 2017, the drone will include several significant upgrades.

DJI Spark 2 Release Date

Leaked information from DJI insiders tells us that Spark 2 will be released in July, 2022. But it is not confirmed yet.

The specifications and features 

Maybe there could be a 2K HD camera instead of the DJI 4K UHD camera version. This is because they already have the Mavic Mini in the consumer market, and it comes with 4K UHD camera capabilities. With the release of the DJI Spark, 2 drones with a 4K UHD camera, so, the Mavic Mini is disappearing from the market.

Therefore, DJI tries to balance its products and attack the specifications within the price line. 

Also, the Spark 2 drone is unlikely to come with a specific transmission system. However, since the original Spark drone suffers from long-distance connection issues, it feels like it will be a significant upgrade.

The new Spark 2 drone will come with a long flight time and sizeable remote control. Other color options are an excellent addition and an integrated 3-axis gimbal stabilizer for faster video bitrate and smoother and professional video viewing. Professional photographers and remote recreational pilots who want a drone with a long flight time and unique camera capabilities need to get their hands on a drone like Mavic 2 Pro / Mavic 2 Zoom / DJI Mavic 3.

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When did DJI Mavic 2 came out?

It was released in April 2020. Of course, the Mavic Air 2 was a real game-changer. 

Born of the success of its predecessor, the new model provided it with many of the severe improvements mentioned above, including a much-improved battery and some promising new shooting features.

How expensive is DJI Spark?

You can get a DJI Spark for a price around $400 (same price as Amazon and Drone World), the gold of the drone world. It’s not very expensive, but it’s well built and capable. One of the best for as a low budget drone. However, the Fly-More-Combo version is more expensive, but

How far can a DJI spark fly?

When Spark flies with the user’s phone via Wi-Fi, the maximum transmission range is 100 meters, and the altitude is about 50 meters. If you choose to purchase a dedicated controller sold separately, the range is extended up to 2,000 meters (2km) while maintaining a live video feed.

What is the range that Spark can control?

  Pitch: -85o to 0o.

  Stabilization, 2-axis mechanical (pitch, roll) operating frequency, 2.4 GHz / 5.8 GHz.

  Possible carry-on weight: 300g

  Its maximum rise speed: 9.8 ft / s (3 m / s) (ie, windless sport mode only)

How long does a DJI Spark battery last?

This drone has a battery life of 16 minutes. However, after connecting to Wi-Fi, opening the app, getting ready to fly, and getting things in the air, the drone will take about 10 minutes to wash and begin to hear the user’s phone spark. Then the battery is low.

Why did DJI stop Spark?

It can be like this; With the release of mini sales, it may not be enough to maintain a profitable product. Unfortunately, four years later, DJI stopped producing Spark, but many enthusiastic Spark fans are still wondering where to buy a DJI Spark. Many fans still enjoy it the same way. Sometimes they sell spare parts for a while. But it will all end someday.


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