AMD Radeon R7 M360 vs Nvidia GeForce 940M

Are you torn between the AMD Radeon R7 M360 and the Nvidia GeForce 940M GPUs? Well, let us help you make an informed decision.

Picture this: comparing these two GPUs is like comparing a sprinter to a marathon runner. While both offer decent performance for their size, the Nvidia GeForce 940M takes the lead with its exceptional value for money. With a staggering 450% advantage over the R7 M360, it’s hard to ignore its superiority.

Regarding technical specifications, the GeForce 940M outshines the R7 M360 in floating-point performance with 903.2 gflops versus 864.0 gflops. Additionally, it supports advanced features such as DirectX 12, Shader Model 5.1, OpenGL 4.5, OpenCL 1.2, Vulkan 1.1.126, and Mantle – giving you an edge in gaming and graphics-intensive tasks.

So if you’re looking for top-notch performance without breaking the bank, our recommendation leans towards the NVIDIA GeForce 940M GPU.

Key Takeaways

  • GeForce 940M offers 450% better value for money compared to the R7 M360.
  • R7 M360 has a floating-point performance of 864.0 gflops, while GeForce 940M has 903.2 gflops.
  • GeForce 940M supports DirectX 12, Shader Model 5.1, OpenGL 4.5, OpenCL 1.2, Vulkan 1.1.126, and Mantle, while R7 M360 supports DirectX 12, Shader Model 6.0, OpenGL 4.4, and OpenCL (not specified).
  • In terms of performance, GeForce 940M outperforms R7 M360 in synthetic benchmark performance and gaming performance and has an overall higher performance score.

AMD R7 M360 Overview

The AMD R7 M360, with its floating-point performance of 864.0 gflops, falls slightly behind the NVIDIA GeForce 940M in raw computing power. Regarding performance differences, the GeForce 940M outperforms the R7 M360 significantly.

This is evident from various benchmarks and user ratings, where the GeForce 940M has consistently received higher scores. Regarding gaming capabilities, the R7 M360 performs reasonably well but lags behind the GeForce 940M. The latter GPU excels in gaming performance tests and is recommended for a smoother gaming experience. It outperforms the R7 M360 in most games tested and has a higher overall performance score.

Power consumption is an essential factor to consider when comparing these GPUs. The R7 M360 has a relatively lower power draw than the GeForce 940M, which means it may be more energy-efficient.

Both GPUs are compatible with popular software such as DirectX 12 and OpenGL. Still, the GeForce 940M supports other technologies like Shader Model 5.1 and OpenCL 1.2.

You can download AMD Radeon™ R7 M360 Drivers here.

Lastly, when considering price comparison, the NVIDIA GeForce 940M offers better value for money than the AMD Radeon R7 M360, according to available data.

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Nvidia 940M Overview

Impressive and powerful, the Nvidia 940M is a true champion in graphics chips. Here are some notable features of this GPU:

  1. DirectX 12 Support: The Nvidia 940M supports the latest DirectX version, enabling enhanced graphical effects and improved game performance.
  2. Shader Model 5.1: With support for Shader Model 5.1, the GPU can handle advanced shading techniques, resulting in more realistic and visually stunning graphics.
  3. Gaming Performance: The Nvidia 940M outperforms its competition by a significant margin in benchmark tests. It excels in synthetic benchmarks like Passmark and delivers impressive frame rates across various gaming titles.
  4. Value for Money: The Nvidia 940M provides excellent value when comparing price to performance ratio. Its superior gaming performance ensures an immersive experience without breaking the bank.

User reviews of the Nvidia 940M also highlight its strengths:

  • Users appreciate its smooth gameplay at medium to high graphics settings.
  • The GPU is praised for its ability to easily handle demanding games.
  • Some users mention that it runs cool even during extended gaming sessions.
  • However, a few users did report issues with driver compatibility or occasional crashes.

The Nvidia 940M is a reliable choice for gamers seeking impressive gaming performance without compromising affordability.

AMD Radeon R7 M360 vs Nvidia GeForce 940M
Image credits: AMD, Nvidia, Pixabay

AMD Radeon R7 M360 vs Nvidia Geforce 940M

Technical Specifications

Get ready to be blown away by the technical specifications of this powerful GPU. When comparing the manufacturing process differences between the AMD Radeon R7 M360 and NVIDIA GeForce 940M, both GPUs are manufactured using a similar medium-sized laptop size. They also support PCIe 3.0 x8 bus and have a PCIe 3.0 x8 interface.

Moving on to memory specifications, the R7 M360 has a maximum RAM capacity of 4 GB with a memory bus width of 64 Bit and memory clock speeds of 1000MHz. On the other hand, the GeForce 940M also supports up to 4 GB of DDR3 memory but has a wider memory bus width at 128 Bit and faster memory clock speeds at 2000MHz.

Regarding DirectX and OpenGL support analysis, both GPUs are compatible with DirectX12. However, the GeForce 940M supports Shader Model 5.1, OpenGL 4.5, OpenCL 1.2, Vulkan 1.1.126, and Mantle. In contrast, the R7 M360 supports Shader Model 6.0, OpenGL 4.4, and an unspecified version of OpenCL.

When comparing the floating-point performance between these two GPUs, it can be observed that while the R7 M360 offers a floating-point performance of 864.0 gflops, the GeForce 940M performs slightly better with 903.2 gflops.

When analyzing benchmarks and synthetic test results, the GeForce 940M outperforms the R7 M360 by 99% in terms of synthetic benchmark performance according to Passmark scores. The gaming performance tests show that the GeForce 940M is ahead in 89% of cases, while the R7 M360 leads in 6%. There is also an equal draw between them for 6% of the games tested. The overall performance score also reflects this trend – the GeForce 940M has a score of 2.85, while the R7 M360 has a score of 1.43.

In conclusion, based on the technical specifications comparison and benchmark results, the GeForce 940M emerges as the superior GPU.

Performance Comparison

Prepare to be amazed by the performance comparison between these two powerful GPUs. Here’s a breakdown of their performance:

  1. Synthetic benchmark performance: The GeForce 940M outperforms the R7 M360 by an impressive 99% in synthetic benchmark tests, showcasing its superior capabilities.
  2. Gaming performance tests: In gaming performance tests, the GeForce 940M takes the lead in 89% of the cases, while the R7 M360 only manages to come out on top in 6%. Both GPUs draw 6% of the tests, indicating a relatively balanced competition.
  3. Floating point performance: Regarding floating point calculations, the GeForce 940M has a higher capability with a score of 903.2 gflops compared to the R7 M360’s score of 864.0 gflops.
  4. Value for money comparison: Based on value for money, the GeForce 940M offers a significant advantage over the R7 M360 with a whopping 450% better value for your investment.

Considering all these factors and their respective performances, it’s clear that the GeForce 940M stands out as the superior choice among these two GPUs. So this GPU won’t disappoint you if you’re looking for exceptional synthetic benchmark results or top-notch gaming experiences at various graphics settings and screen resolutions (such as low, medium, high, ultra, or epic).

User Ratings

You’ll be interested to know that the user ratings for these GPUs are quite close, with the GeForce 940M scoring slightly higher at 3.3 out of 5 compared to the R7 M360’s rating of 3.2 out of 5. User experience is essential when considering a graphics card, as it reflects how satisfied users are with their purchase.

In terms of gaming performance, both GPUs have been tested in various games and benchmarks. The GeForce 940M has been found to outperform the R7 M360 in 89% of gaming performance tests, while the R7 M360 leads in only 6% of tests, and they draw in the remaining 6%. This indicates that the GeForce 940M generally provides a better gaming experience than its competitor.

Regarding value for money, it is worth noting that the GeForce 940M has been found to offer a significantly better value than the R7 M360 by around 450%. This means you can expect superior performance from the GeForce 940M for a similar price point.

Regarding synthetic benchmarks, which test overall GPU performance, the GeForce 940M has been found to outperform the R7 M360 by around 99%. This further emphasizes its superiority in terms of raw computing power.

Both GPUs are compatible with software such as DirectX and OpenGL. Still, it is worth mentioning that they support different versions. The GeForce supports DirectX12 and Shader Model 5.1, while information about OpenCL support for R7 M360 was not specified.

Overall, based on user ratings and performance comparisons, it is clear that the GeForce 940M offers a more satisfying user experience with its superior gaming performance and value-for-money ratio.

Hope this AMD Radeon R7 M360 vs Nvidia GeForce 940M GPU comparison will be helpful to you.


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