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Abrupt PropellerAds Review.

Launched in 2011, PropellerAds is a leading advertising network updating the upcoming latest trends to provide the best features for all stakeholders in the affiliate ecosystem. PropellerAds has more than a billion unique monthly users and launches thousands of businesses every day. Besides, PropellerAds has a multinational team for giving their support to multiple languages. With over 120,000 premium online publishing partners, it reaches more than 100 million desktop and mobile friend users daily. So, it offers native, display, video, and mobile advertising with affiliate services as well.

With ten years of experience working with 200K publishers, PropellerAds claims to offer the best CPM rates on the market. And also, this ad network has developed internal algorithms to match users and advertisers better. This platform is an advertising network for advertisers. And is a self-service for advertisers to create and design their advertising campaigns as well. However, for better support, the company also provides a personal account manager.

How To Get Started With The PropellerAds Network?

  1. If you are a new one to PropellerAds, sign up as a new user using this link. Enter your personal information, contact information, and property (websites) details to access the dashboard. 
  1. Publishers are asking to choose payment methods from the available options and notification settings. After reviewing the terms and conditions, the publisher can access the dashboard without any doubt.
  1. As well as registration is free, and PropellerAds is open to all publishers. However, if they find invalid traffic or adult content on the website, they will block the publisher’s service.
  1. On the PropellerAds dashboard, the publisher can add a website to their account. Next, the PropellerAds network exactly needs to verifying ownership by adding a tag to the site. Once, verified publishers can begin creating and placing units on the site. 
PropellerAds - How to Earn & Comparing Propeller Ads vs AdSense - Full Review | Features Of PropellerAds. - How To Get Started With The PropellerAds Network?
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Features of PropellerAds.

Global Coverage.

ProperllerAds says they monetize 100% of web traffic with a massive pool of advertisers around the world. It demonstrates that a website with non-English content can get advertisers who want to show ads to specific native language audiences. 

Clean Advertisements.

With the combination of advanced technology and manual automation in this network, PropellerAds monitors ads’ quality on the website. It is also using to filter out malware and obscene content, showing users high quality and risk-free ads. 

AdSense is Compatible.

Many publisher partners are engaging with multiple networks (including Google AdSense) to make better advertising revenue. With this in mind, PropellerAds has designed its platform to work smoothly with AdSense, the publisher’s website.

Adblock Bypass.

Ad blockers are causing publishers to lose revenue. Adblock bypass, a solution for PropellerAds, giving publishers a way to monetize ad blockers by replacing non-standard ads such as local ads.

OnClick PopUnderads.

Also known as ClickUnder ads, these types of ads expand to fullscreen when users click on them. These ads provide more information to users who have linked to the advertiser’s website, and this feature is quite impressive. This format also helps earn more revenue to publishers and gives advertisers a clearer picture of user interest.

Publisher Community.

PropellerAds has an online publisher community that communicates regularly and helps publishers grow their business. 

There is a push notification service for the mobile publisher to increase traffic congestion in PropellerAds. This process is doing by displaying a notification on the user’s screen about the latest content or service on the website, which they are fascinating.

As well as, this network has recently updated its payment terms with these new updates. Also, publishers’ earnings are credited using an automated system to avoid manual error and delay. From standard banner ads to rich responsive media ads, publishers of PropellerAds have many advertising formats to choose them. Its dashboard supports publishers in more than nine languages to better understand ad revenue in their native language. And also, just like any advertising network, PropellerAds rewards publishers with traffic in top countries as well. However, it is also open to websites with non- English traffic and content, desktop, and mobile platform.

How to Earn & Comparing Propeller Ads vs AdSense - Full Review | Money - Blog Ads Placements
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PropellerAds Referral Program

Spread the word about them and earn 5% of your referrals’ revenue.

  1. Share your referral link.
  2. Your reader joins them.
  3. You get 5% of his revenue, while he is working with PropellerAds.

PropellerAds vs Google AdSense.

When it comes to earning money from your websites or blog, it’s all about placing ads on your sites. If you have enabled Google AdSense, you can use PropellerAds as an alternative ad network. It is a fast-growing platform that provides monetization opportunities for new and old blogs. So, PropellerAds are known for Pop-Ups ads that load behind the current browser window and appear when that window is closed.

Primarily, ProperllerAds also serves mobile websites and applications and even offers push notifications ads type for these channels. Thus, PropellerAds is the largest alternative ad network with 32K advertisers, and they offer aggressive, high-end CPM ad forms such as interstitials ads and in-page push ads. In this network, ads are a good fit for small publishers who want to generate aggressive benefits as there are no minimum traffic requirements. 

Google AdSense is a big player in the contextual advertising platform and advertising service operated by Google since 2003. These ads are administrating by Google and earn revenue per click or impression. So, website owners can enter the program to activate the text, image, and most recent ads on their websites. Google provides AdSense for products feed and allows the business to display ads on custom search engines on web pages. AdSense also enables AdSense publishers to monetize contextual ads and location-targeted ads and guest searches from their  RSS feed.

AdSense is best suited for smaller websites or blogs, but not if you are trying to grow or expand rapidly. Getting approval to set up a Google AdSense account is not easy as well. On top of the problematic account approval process, Google AdSense does not have different ad types and customization options. There are plenty of other criteria that Google searches to see if your site is eligible for acceptance in the Google AdSense program. Despite the Google AdSense platform’s apparent success with gaining millions of active users, it has widely spread limitations.

The Main Types of PropellerAds.

  • OnClick PopUnder Ads.
  • Mobile Ads.
  • The Classic Banners Ads.
  • Layer Ads.
  • Slider Ads.
  • Direct Ads.
  • Video Ads.

PropellerAds Payments Methods.

In this PropellerAds network, you should have to verify your phone number to add funds. PropellerAds network accepts these methods such as credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), Wire Transfer, Union Pay, Webmoney, Skrill, and Payoneer (If you use this link to register for Payoneer, after you sign up and receives a total of 1000.00 USD, you earn a 25.00 USD Reward! Also, yo can earn more 25.00 USD Bonuses when you refer friends to Payoneer).

The minimum deposit for all service advertisers’ payment methods is 100 USD, while Wire Transfer’s minimum deposit is 1000 USD. The impressive thing about this network is that it allows you to receive payment in USD or EURO, not what you see in other networks. So follow these guidelines to add credit to your account, and if you need help, please contact the PropellerAds network’s supporting team.

  1. Click the Add Funds section. 
  2. Select the Payment Methods.
  3. Enter the Amount as your wish.
  4. Add a Promotion Code or Invoice only if you have.
  5. Click the Pay button.
PropellerAds Payments Methods. - E-Money - Online Money Earnings Tips & Tricks New - Propeller Ads vs AdSense
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Advantages of Using PropellerAds.

  • PropellerAds generate revenue, even for websites with low-quality traffic, but it does report high page view reporting rates. Even new companies and start-ups who may not do otherwise with other options such as Adsense can make money from their traffic.
  • There is no wasted traffic because even 404 pages able to monetize. You can optimize the benefits by running parallel ads like Infolinks, CJ, and Adsense.
  • Unlike other networks,  PropellerAds advertising network shares 80% of its revenue with its publisher. It is essential to ensure that website owners can retain more income for their product development and marketing. 
  • As well as the reporting system in PropellerAds is straightforward. You can get real-time earnings from a chart in a table. It indicates that you can follow specific domains’ functionality and establish them whenever urgent changes are needed.
  • If you need specialized assistance with optimizing traffics and returns, PropellerAds provide a dedicated account management assistant.
  • As a publisher, you can direct other publishers to PropellerAds and earn 5% of their future ad revenue for a lifetime.

Disadvantages of Using PropellerAds Network.

  • The big drawback is that PayPal does not support the payment method, creating a problem for some users. 
  • If your traffic quality is low, you will get less CPM. So, give your 100% and try to make a better amount of revenue.
  • The final amount earned a base on ads inventory and is usually calculating after converting it to CPM.
  • There are several issues that people face with regarded to pop-up ads and full-screen advertising. Because of this, people started to ignore websites.
  • This platform also supports Non-English languages, but the revenue generated with such websites is not as good as English websites. So,  there is lower revenue for non-English sites.
  • There is no header bidding in the PropellerAds platform. It is the most powerful method to make money for publishers today. Because the company does not offer bids, PropellerAds publishers are missing this technology and its benefits.
PropellerAds vs Google AdSense - Advertising Networks
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Advertising ads are not just another network where you can get fake traffic and money. Like AdSense or another trusted publishing network, you need real traffic to earn authentic revenue. And also, publisher websites must comply with Google’s AdSense guidelines. It mainly means that if you do black hat SEO or sell text links on your website, they can deactivate your AdSense account. Again, if you have what type of a website AdSense is already activating, but if your traffic is not good enough even from most English-Speaking nations, it makes sense to try the PropellerAds network. So, Happy Monetization For All!

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