10 Reasons Why Windows 7 is Still Better – Is Windows 7 still good in 2024?

The first performance of Windows 7 in the tests of operating systems we can compare the performance of a computer in different editions of Windows. And the 7th showed excellent results. Even Though Windows 7 support ended in January 2020, some people still use the operating system as their daily driver for their personal machines every day. So why are they using this 11-year-old operating system despite understanding the security risks behind it? Read “10 Reasons Why Windows 7 is still better” to find out why Windows 7 is still good in 2022?

It is especially good at using RAM.

It needs a little over 1 gigabyte; thus, if the computer has only two gigabytes of RAM, there will be some memory for work tasks. The 7 also showed good performance with hard disk memory and ram in the program loading test. It was the fastest to launch an application, load many files, and in trials for converting files. So, if you have an old computer and a little RAM, Windows 7 will help it run a little faster than some other Windows editions.

The interface and control.

This is probably the main reason people love windows 7. Although we put it as the second point, Windows 7 is pretty nicely designed. The settings session seems to be much simpler than in the new 10 and 11. However, is it really so? Maybe we just got used to it. Windows 7 is the system they first saw when they got a computer at home for many other people. It is associated with new pleasant emotions. Maybe it seems beautiful and easy to use.

Easy to use ( user-friendly ).

For example, there are zero constantly annoying notifications in it. It also makes it easy to disable updates. In windows 10, it is more complicated, and not everyone succeeds. However, it lets you get things done without any disturbances. You are not being begged to use a Microsoft account or update the operating system all the time. In addition, it is way more consistent than Windows 10. It is much more reliable, meaning that nothing breaks after updating.

Application support and legacy hardware support.

If your pc is old and weak, for example, a 2-core processor and 2-3 gigabytes of ram, you can choose Windows 7 x64 If you like its design and interface, Windows 7 will give you good performance for sure. Do not forget to activate Windows 7 and install an Antivirus application. The second option is if you have an average but rather powerful PC 4 or 8 cores processor with more than 4 gigabytes of RAM, there will not be much difference between the 7 and 10.

No bloatware.

There is also no bloatware like the preloaded programs that are useful. For example, in Windows 10, we can see a lot of useless bloatware. Still, in Windows 7, we almost do not have those annoying bloatware. Like seriously, Windows accessories are all I need. So, why do we need candy crush soda saga preloaded with windows 10?

Best start menu.

It also has hands down the best start menu of all time. It is so simple and yet so useful at the same time. You barely have to do any modifications to have a good user experience. Windows aero glass transparency is like the best thing ever. It looks so cool.

Faster to do specific tasks.

This is one of the most important reasons of 10 Reasons why Windows 7 is still better. The OS is also designed for keyboard and mouse users, so element sizes make sense, and it is faster for us to do specific tasks. Another speciality here is the ability to easily separate and do any work correctly.

10 Reasons Why Windows 7 is Still Better - Is Windows 7 still good?


“Should you worry about your security?” not much, let me explain why.

Web browsers are still up to date. Antiviruses are still up to date. The majority of other programs are still up-to-date, and we have brains. Windows update is not only just one layer of security. It is honestly the last layer of security. Because all the other factors I just mentioned supplement this lack of security updates. They are the first layers that viruses go through before they get to windows update.

Easily connect with 3rd party devices.

Windows 7 enables quick connectivity with a wide range of third-party peripherals like printers, music players, and other gadgets of all sorts. It also creates an interface that feels fresh even after you’ve been at it for eight hours straight.

Games on Windows 7.

Is windows 7 enough for gaming? Of course, yes, it’s enough. However, if you prefer old games, it will give you a better performance. Ninety-nine per cent of the games that have come out in the last few years can still run-on Windows 7. Usually, a game will load faster in windows 7. So, we can recommend you to use Windows 7 even in 2022.

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Windows 7 is much more stable, quicker and smoother no matter which hardware you are on. Whether newer or older, you use an SSD or a hard drive. It is also less in your face all the time. Windows 7 is still the most excellent desktop version of Windows ever made. In my eyes windows 7 was the final version of windows to add some actual useful features just like Vista and XP. So, Windows 7 is still good even in 2022.

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