Best PS5 Accessories for your Brand New PS5 in 2023

The PS5 had started another era of gaming experiences. Therefore the gamers have to be changed with the new generations. If anyone focusing on the PlayStation 5 surely pay attention to the best accessories require with the PS5. The accessories will let its users lead on the way of showing a powerful path with the new console. There are multiple gadgets required for the use of the PS5. Those are from the gaming controllers up to the cameras. Even to the external storage too. By completing all the required accessories, the gaming experiences would be complete with all the media and the gaming experiences.

The Play-Station 5 is still in the introducing age, therefore there aren’t so many accessories for the PS5 right now. Although the PS5 is working with the accessories of the PS4. But those accessories are only compatible with the PS4 games.

The Best Accessories for the PS5 

1. PlayStation 5 Dual Sense Controller

PS5 Dual Sense
Image Credit – Sony PlayStation

The dual sense controller is essentially required for the gameplay to be a better experience. Here the dual sense controller provides physical sensations. The sensations will be corresponded to what you are doing in the game. Currently, it is with dual actuators instead of a single rumble motor. While comparing with the DualShock 4, the dual sense controller will simulate a variety of actions. Therefore it feels unique to the DualShock 4 always.

When the controller pressed down there would be varying levels of tension. Actually, the feeling is so different. It will feel just like shooting at a gun. Or else it will feel just the same as the drawing bowstring back. Whatever your hand type is, the controller will suit your hands. Because it has a grippy texture. When you buy a PS5, sometimes you will receive a DualSense controller. But it is better to have another extra controller with you. 

2. PlayStation HD Camera

PlayStation HD Camera - PS5 Accessories
Image Credit – Sony PlayStation

If you have an idea of the direct streaming to YouTube, in such situations the HD camera must-have. The camera always comes with a built-in stand. It would be in the same color scheme. Even though the HD camera is always compatible with the system of the PS5. The HD camera is with a special tool called the background removal tool. That tool will help you to cut what the user has in the background.

That feature might be more helpful in the streaming videos. Even that special option can be used to broadcast the game picture in picture or to replace the background with the replacement. If the user has an idea about streaming the game, the HD camera is essential. 

3. Pulse 3D Wireless Headset 

Pulse 3D wireless headset for PS5 (Play Station 5)
Image Credit – Sony PlayStation

The pulse 3D wireless headset is known as the instrumental part of the gaming setup. This headset is the official headset for the PS5 offered by Sony. Even though it was specially designed to experience the 3D audio capabilities of the PS5.  Here all special functions have been designed as suitable for the long term gaming sessions. The wireless headset includes the features just like noise cancellation, plush ear cups, and the adjustable head strap.

The headset includes a rechargeable battery and it will last for 12 hours after a full charge. Although the settings of the chat and audio can be performed directly via the headset. If you have an expectation regarding the PS5, surely you have to get this pulse 3D wireless headset along with that. If not there wouldn’t be a perfect gaming experience. 

4. DualSense Charging Station

DualSense charging station
Image Credit – Sony PlayStation

The rechargeable battery of the DualSense controller will exist for a longer period. But it is better to have another one too. If you have such two controllers, both of them can be recharged at the same time without connecting to the PS5.  Hold the controllers in another place after removing it from the USB port of the PS5. After recharging it puts the other one onto the charger in the same way. This would be the best option for a long-term PS5 gamer. Although if there are more family members who join with the game at the same time the charging station will be the best accessory to be used. 

5. Media Remote

PS5 Media Remote
Image Credit – Sony PlayStation

The media remote is especially for controlling gaming. The remote includes the features just like pause, play, reverse, and fast forward. Although there are some more buttons allocated for streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, etc. The remote is very small in size and sleek in its nature. If the PS5 user is using a media remote, that user doesn’t want to use any connected controller too. So then the media controller can be used to switch on the PS5 and scroll through the menu. Just take this amazing media remote in your hand and enjoy your favorite activity. 

6. Steel Series Arctic 7p Wireless

Sony Steel series arctic 7p wireless with PS5
Image Credit – Sony PlayStation

The special accessory is working with each and every system. Although it offers the best gaming sounds with higher quality. The gadget will be super easy to handle because it is comfortable to be handled. Some of the PS5 users would desire to try more headsets than the headset offered by Sony. For such explorers, this headset would be a great opportunity. The headset is compatible with PS4, PS5  pc, and android.

Although due to the higher quality of the headset all gaming sounds are clear. The headset supports long term gaming sessions. That is because the headset is supportive of the 24 hours after a full charge. It looks very nice by its appearance. These are some important gadgets that can be used with the PS5 and all these stated accessories are compatible with the PS5. Then, 

How to choose the best accessories for the PS5? 

There are multiple accessories that could be used with the PS5. But users of PS5 always have to select which items they need the most. If users only want to play games, Please buy only the required accessories for that purpose. Although while gaming, if the user desires the streaming that person has to buy the gadgets required for that purpose too. Aside from that the brand of the accessory and the quality have to be taken into consideration. With these accessories, the PS5 user will feel fantastic.

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