Is Skrill Safe to Use? Legitimate or Scam? – Skrill Wallet & Money Transfer Service Review

Skrill is one of the most well-spread e-wallets and internet-based payment processors, so that you may have come across its name before. But despite its popularity, you may be wondering – is safe? Or is it better to choose another e-wallet?

Is Skrill Safe And Legitimate?

Skrill users can use the Website Services to deposit funds, spend money and send funds to other users. It was originally starting to spend money on online gambling services, but the site has evolved to include diversified applications since then. Today, Skrill is a fully functional e-wallet that can use for remittances, cryptocurrency trading, and much more. According to the latest statistics, Skrill has over 40,000,000 users, and 150,000 merchants support Skrill payments.

When Skrill first became operational, it had its FCA Registration Number (FRN). This issue by the Authority responsible for ensuring the country’s financial markets’ fairness and integrity. Therefore, Skrill was required to comply with any regulations prescribed by the FCA. It is now authorizing by the Central Bank of Ireland (after Brexit), which has strict regulatory requirements. Skrill is a member of the PaySafeGroup – which includes the highly acclaimed PaysafeCard and Neteller services. There are many satisfied Skrill users. And the e-wallet provider must comply with strict control regulations.

Is Skrill Legitimate, Safe to Use. Skrill Money Transfer Crypto Wallet Skrill Dashboard Balances USD and Cryptocurrency

Is Skrill Safe To Use?

Skrill uses many security measures to ensure that all your transactions are secure and private. All your website activities and personal information are protecting by 128 bit SSL encryption and are certified under VeriSign. Besides, developers at Skrill use tools developed to monitor all individual payments, analyze account behavior, and research transaction patterns internally and externally. In this way, they can mark and freeze accounts that show suspicious activity. Finally, when you send money to someone via Skrill, none of your sensitive information is given to the recipient.

Is Skrill Legitimate?

Can Skrill scam you? No – Skrill will never defraud its users or misuse their account information. If so, the Irish Central Bank will rectify the situation immediately. However, a Skrill account user can trick you into sending money. As with any e-wallet service, you should be careful to send money only to reputable merchants. Skrill is pleased to address phishing and fraud attempts. They may not charge you for the money you send to personal accounts, but they can advise you when you pay for a product you do not receive.

Also, there is a form you can fill out if there is an unauthorized transaction in your account. Besides, there is a form you can fill out if there is an unauthorized transaction in your account.

If you need further proof of Skrill’s legitimacy and are still skeptical about using a Skrill account, please note that they have a rigorous authentication procedure. Skrill requires by law to verify all customer accounts – you will need to upload a photo of your ID, passport, or driver’s license. The verification process is fast and guarantees that no one will create a fake account for you.

Is Skrill Wallet Safe?

Based on your location, you may receive a refund via Skrill to your bank account or Visa / MasterCard. Or you may send money to someone’s email address. There is also the option of storing your money in a Skrill wallet. But is it safer to do so? Yes – as long as you keep your Skrill password private, money cannot withdraw from your account without your knowledge.

You can make your Skrill wallet more secure by enabling additional authentication methods that can access your settings. You can enable mobile phone authentication. So, it will send a unique code to your mobile device, making it difficult for any intruder to gain access to your account. Besides, you can choose to authenticate via email and set a 6-digit PIN to access your account.

Skrill Money Transfer Send Skrill to Skrill, International Money Transfer and Request Money in Skrill. Skrill Withdraw Options

Is Skrill Money Transfer Safe?

Skrill’s money transfer services are secure – remember that you should only send money to people you know. With a fraudulent transaction, Skrill will cancel the purchase, but they will not refund a personal fund payment. However, you can cancel or suspend a payment within 30 minutes of sending it unless the recipient has already withdrawn the funds—a full refund, including all taxes and fees. To ensure users’ safety during transfers, you do not have the power to manage someone else’s funds. You will not use the service for short-term credit card loans.

You can register on Skrill by completing the required steps properly. Click here to sign up.


Now Skrill has introduced Skrill Levels to its users. Skriller, True Skriller, and VIP Skriller are the three levels currently available. Each level gives nice benefits such as lower fees on Skrill to Skrill transfers and Crypto trading.

Anyway, as with any online payment processor, you must be careful to protect your account credentials and avoid sending personal payments to visitors. As long as you use common sense wisely, Skrill will be able to meet all your online financial needs securely.

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