Google AdSense Chrome Extension | What is the official AdSense extension to Download? + Google Publisher Toolbar alternatives 2024

What is the official Google AdSense Chrome Extension you can use as a publisher?

Google Adsense is one of the most popular platforms to earn money online. If you are a content creator, you can make money by using your traffic generation on your website, Youtube channel, or any platform subjecting to Google. So, we are here to explore the official Google Adsense Chrome Extension you can use as a publisher. 

How Google AdSense Works?

Google must first approve your website for Adsense. You can arrange for ads to appear on your website once you’ve been approved. You have control over the kinds of ads that run and where on your page they appear. However, the advertisements that appear on your website compete for a chance to be there.

Here, there are two factors at work. The first is the CTR, or click-through rate. The second is a collection of things that Google describes as “factors affecting the quality of user experience from viewing the ad.” However, Google doesn’t reveal these. But as per its help site, the importance of the ad and landing page experience is the key points.

Why should you use a Google Adsense chrome extension?

Chrome extensions are designed to make our browsing and online work easier. Yes, we can experience almost every extension feature by using a website or external application. But, if you have installed a Chrome extension, it makes it easy to use combined with other web pages.

The facts are the same when talking about Google Adsense Chrome extension options. You no longer need to log many websites and tabs to handle your Adsense tools when using chrome extensions. 

What is the official Google AdSense Chrome extension by Google?

The official Google AdSense Chrome extension for publishers is called Google Publisher Toolbar. While browsing in Chrome, it enabled users to view the most recent data from their AdSense account. This toolbar provided an overview of earnings and performance (success) from AdSense, Ad Exchange, or DoubleClick for content Publishers’ accounts. However, the Google Publisher Toolbar extension is no longer available to use from May 2020.  The official Google Adsense Chrome extension was removed from the Chrome Web Store On May 26, 2020. 

Then, what is the best alternative extension by Google?

The AdSense Review Toolbar was Google’s software application that came before the Publisher Toolbar. The good news is the AdSense Review Toolbar is still available in the Chrome web store. Your website gives you access to the reports that are associated with your Google AdSense and DoubleClick Ad Exchange accounts. You also have access to specific information regarding the advertisements that are currently displayed on the website that is being viewed in the browser.

What are the other chrome extensions you can use to manage ads?

There are a few Chrome extensions you can try as a content publisher. You can use them to make your tasks easier. 

AdSense Active View Monitor

This Chrome extension will notify you when an advertisement triggers a website’s AdSense active view request. It is a useful method for keeping an eye on ad placement and improving the design for the Active View Viewable metric.


Ezoic helps your website’s ad placement, desktop layouts, and mobile layouts to be as effective as possible. The testing conducted by Ezoic’s genetic algorithms and artificial intelligence platform led to the optimization.


The network, sizes, availability, and responsiveness of the ad units on a page are all detected by this extension. You can use it to assess how your website’s advertisements stack up against your rival’s. You can use these comparisons if you want to create changes depending on the type and number of advertisements appearing on the website.


The official Chrome extension for AdSense was  Google Publisher Toolbar. However, it is not available to use right now. Then you can use the AdSense Review Toolbar as the official Google extension for AdSense. You can also use extensions like AdSense Active View Monitor, Ezoic, and AdSensor as other extensions to manage ads.

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