5 Best Browser Extensions – For Privacy, Speed, Security, Convenience | Top Apps for Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari

A Web Browser Extension is a Software type, also called plug-in, which can be used to Customize and Personalize the web browser simply. Extensions are Programs that add New Features & Improvements to Browsers for a Better Browsing Experience. In this article, I will introduce you Top 06 Most Important & Useful, Popular Best Browser Extensions, that you must have installed on your Internet Browser, based on my experience. These Extensions are available for Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge / Internet Explorer, Safari & few Other Browsers.

Best Browser Extensions for Chrome & Others

Best Browser Extensions 2020 - (Top 5) For Privacy, Speed, Data Saver,.. etc. for Famous Web Browsers.
Famous Web Browsers (Image Source: Pixabay)

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Top 05 for a Faster, Secure, Useful, Improved Browsing Experience

01. Adblock Plus

Ads are everywhere on the internet. Sometimes that ads useful to people but sometimes they are annoying. The best solution for remove advertisements from web pages you visit is Adblock Plus. It can block ads on any desktop or mobile browser. This works faster and cleaner. Adblock Plus (Also known as ABP) is a Free and Open-Source, Light-Weight extension. Users can surf the web without ads. ABP is one of the best browser extensions all time. It is one of the most popular & very advanced extensions that brings you a nice browsing experience.

All on-page details such as blocked items and currents status are available in the plugin window.

Adblock Plus Extension
Adblock Plus  Best Browser Extensions 2020 2021 2022

In General Settings of AdBlock Plus, we can set up PRIVACY & SECURITY Options to Block additional tracking and Block social media icons tracking. Also, there is a Whitelisting option to prevent blocking some necessary things from known websites.

  • Download Adblock Plus (for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Yandex Browser)

02. Ghostery

Best Browser Extensions - Ghostery

Ghostery is an extension that gives the freedom of web surfing by protecting user’s Privacy. The Ghostery gives control of Trackers at the device level. That’s why it became one of the Best Browser Extensions. This is a Cleaner, Faster, Safer Extension to protect your privacy. Also, Ghostery has the ability to Block Ads, Stop Trackers, and Speed Up Websites. Enhanced Anti-Tracking, Enhanced Ad Blocking & Smart Blocking are some of the main features of this amazing browser extension.

Best Browser Extensions (Ghostery)

You can simply take important security actions manually by just clicking on the extension or just let them happen automatically. Especially Ghostery is a best browser extensions for privacy.

03. LastPass

LastPass extension can Simplify your Online life by remembering all your Passwords across every device. With this extension, you can Quickly Log in and go to saved Accounts, Generate Strong Passwords, Store Digital Records (such as Cards Details, Wi-Fi Passwords, Memberships, etc.) & Do many more Accounts & Sharing stuff related to your online activities.

top chrome extensions

People use a lot of online accounts, and they have to manage them all alone and remember everything. You know that it is not so easy, but the information is very important, and should not lose! That’s why we need an extension like this. Developers say Last-Pass keeps our information Private, Secure, and Hidden even from them. It is trusted by many industry experts worldwide. So, I added this to my Best Browser Extensions list this year.

04. Rakuten (Ebates)

A great way to Save Money and Earn a good extra income for who buys stuff online. This is one of the world’s popular Cashback Website Company. So through Rakuten, we can make orders from the internet at many websites like eBay, AliExpress, Gearbest, Amazon, etc. If you order through Rakuten, you will be rewarded with great Discounts and Cashback benefits. So it is very advantageous.

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Rakuten / Ebates Button Extension

After Registration, you must have Installed & Activated the Rakuten Extension while the shopping progress. How do they give such an advantage to us? Is this a Scam or another Fake thing? No, Rakuten is a reputed service provider. Rakuten has many partnerships and works with over 2,500 online Stores. That Stores pay Rakuten a commission for sending people their way. Then Rakuten shares the commission with that people as Cash Back.

05. Google Translator

Among the Best Browser Extensions, Google Translator extension is very useful. You know there are so many different languages are using in the world. As a global village, we can’t make the language a barrier for our actions and the development of future life. That’s where we find this ‘Google Translator’ useful. Now it is more advanced than ever & well improved.

Google Translator Google Translate  Top 5 Best Browser Extensions for Chrome

Google Translator can even translate entire web pages. With Google Translate, it is simply to translate texts, snippets, articles to other languages. It’s fast and very accurate. The translator can detect the current language automatically. After a translation, we can listen to the proper pronunciation. Also, there is an option to input voice, so we can translate words, phrases quickly. Overall, Google Translator is an excellent one of Best Browser Extensions collection.

I mentioned Top 5 Best Browser Extensions here & I know there are many other interesting extensions. If you have experiences with good extensions like this or better, don’t forget to comment because it will be useful to others, including me.

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