How to Amplify Sound in Audacity – Audacity Audio Editing Tutorial (Part 02)

How to Amplify Sound in Audacity? How to make an audio Louder? How to Increase the Volume of a sound clip? Let’s check it out using Audacity Audio Editing software.

The setting is called Amplification, which we are going to use. It is a simple task. I am sure you will get it easily.

First of all, you must have installed the Audacity application. If you still confused about this program, you can read my first article about this program. Also, there is the Download Link & an additional Explanation.

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The word AMPLIFICATION’s meaning varies on the subject/purpose of the application. According to my topic in This Article, AMPLIFICATION is a process of increasing the volume of sound. (especially using an Amplifier; This can be a Hardware or Software). Amplification means a process to Increase signal Strength by means of the amplitude of related waves. Otherwise, Amplification is an action of Enlarging Upon (or adding Detail) to a Story / Statement.

How to Amplify Sound in Audacity / Make an Audio Louder / Increase Volume / Gain a Big Sound

Audacity audio editor comes with a variety of editing facilities, as a totally free of charge software. So, Amplifying audio is easy with Audacity. We can use the Amplify Effect to change the Volume of a selected audio track(s).

To do this, just follow the steps below.

1. Open the Audacity Software. It will look like this for the first time. (I have already explained the basics of this program for beginners in my previous article about the Audacity.)

how to amplify sound in audacity
Welcome Screen Image.

2. Add any Audio / Sound file to the workspace that you have wanted to increase volume / amplify.

audacity tutorial
audio editing

3. Now, you can decide which part of the audio file should be amplified. If you want to increase/enlarge volume of the whole audio, select the entire soundtrack (Ctrl+A). If you want to amplify only a part of the audio file, you can select only that part from the timeline. (I gonna select a custom part of the audio for Amplifying.)

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4. Then find & go to Effect —> Amplify for access to the relevant settings.

how to increase volume of a sound file in audacity.

5. You will get an Amplify pop-up window. At this moment, you can either Use the Default settings or Apply customized settings. The default settings are good for a smooth result. But if the increase of the audio sound is not enough for you, you can change the values of settings.

You can’t change the amplifying settings properly without enabling “Allow clipping“. After you enabled this, you can move New Peak Amplitude (dB) line & change the Amplification (dB) amount. (Over changing these values may cause an uncomfortable output. So make sure to Preview and confirm the best applying by listening to the audio before Export.)

What is this dB in Audacity? The decibel (Also known as dB) is a Logarithmic Unit, used to measure Sound Levels.

6. Then click OK to apply. Now you can listen & Save the Audio if it is in good quality. If it’s not, try changing the values you added manually or using the default settings.

Amp 4
Amp 5

As you can see in the above two images, it seems clear the difference of sound waves between before Amplifying & after the Amplification.

7. Finally, you can Save / Export the edited audio. Go to File—>Save Other—>Export as… and save your file as you prefer.

You can learn more about ‘Amplify’ from the Manual of official Audacity team’s website.

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