How To Eject Disc From Xbox One – Comprehensive Guide (2024)

The Xbox One finally receives the option to remove discs from your controller six and a half years after its release. The functionality, however, was not included in the Xbox One version of the game. But now, ejecting disks from the drives will be connected to the “X” button in the newest Xbox program patch. Even though the Insider Program hasn’t yet got distributed out to all Xbox One consumers via a general update, anyone can join by installing the hub from the Xbox Store. But if your Xbox One disk does not eject when you push that button, the first thing you should do is switch off the system, turn it back on, and attempt removing the disc again.

It’s time to become physical if it doesn’t work. So, in this article, we’ll show you How To Eject Disc From Xbox One if it won’t come out when you use the gentle eject button.

Eject Discs With A Controller – Xbox One Update

It’s OK to chuckle about a console receiving such an essential feature added so late in its life cycle. However, as insignificant as this feature upgrade may appear, some individuals are delighted that it is coming. Ejecting with the gamepad is a much-requested feature that comes in handy in various situations.

Participants of the Xbox Preview Program can now remotely remove whichever disc is on their drive by pressing X on the Xbox One’s home screen. Fans won’t have to worry about a defective eject button wrecking their favorite console once Microsoft releases this update for all gamers (which might happen in the next few weeks). Plus, there’s nothing quite like making an actual object move with a one-button press to make you feel like a sci-fi future techno-wizard.

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How To Eject Disc From Xbox One – Manual Way

To load and remove discs, the Xbox One has a slot-loading mechanism. That minimizes the amount of moving parts on the Xbox One and, as a result, the number of potential failure spots, resulting in a more stable experience than with spinning disc trays. However, some Xbox One units may experience a stuck disc issue due to a software or hardware problem. (The ability to eject discs with a controller patch has not yet out to all users.) In this situation, if nothing of these alternatives work, you can manually remove the disc by clicking a secret eject button. Let’s have a look at how to achieve it in simple stages.

Eject Disc Using Paper Clip

Usually, a properly functioning Xbox One will allow you to remove a disc by selecting a function or pushing the eject button near the disc slot. But if you’ve come to this page, it’s because you’re having a problem and need to know How To Eject Disc From Xbox One. So let’s get started!

Step 1

To begin, turn off your Xbox One and unhook the power wire as well as any other attached cables. Obtain a giant paper clip and uncoil it. A typical clip is far too short, and your pin must be at least 2 inches long (about 5 cm).

Step 2

If you have a genuine Xbox One, look for the eject hole on the console’s side, directly beside the disk eject button. To find it, you’ll need to look now at the console’s exterior.

Step 3

After you’ve found the eject hole, carefully push the paperclip in until the disc drive moves outwards. The disc will come out a tiny bit as you press in the clip. To keep the disc clean, pull it out the rest of the way with a lint-free towel.

Important Note: If you want to avoid a stuck disc issue on your Xbox One machine in the future, make sure you use a clean disc. Before you play the game again, inspect the disc for any adhesive residue, stickers that have made it overly thick, or any other difficulties.

Xbox One Console and Controllers

How To Clear Cache On Xbox One

Suppose your Xbox One is experiencing sudden crashes, unpleasant freezing, or unexplained slowdowns. In that case, you may need to execute a hard reboot to clear the cache to fix various complications from the Xbox One. While the Xbox cache does not fill as quickly as a cache on an operating web browser, it can nevertheless get overburdened over time, creating memory problems and other glitches. That’s why you need to clear a cache causing performance issues on your console.

  1. Rebooting

To begin, switch off your Xbox One X and unhook the power line from the back of the device. Wait two minutes before plugging it back in. That gets referred to as a “cold restart.” If your Xbox has stalled or is continuously turning on and off, this should force it to reset and clean its cache.

  1. Power Cycling

By power cycling the Xbox, you can wipe up any possible issues in the cache. For 10 seconds, press & hold the power button on the face of your console, then release it. Your Xbox will make the typical power-down sound when you hit the button, but the switch will stay lighted. If you keep pressing the button for another ten seconds, your console will shut down. Please wait a few seconds, then click it again to restart your Xbox One X, which will now have a clean cache!

Additional Tip: On the Xbox One S, the eject hole is situated in a console section with many tiny holes, making it difficult to spot. Begin with the second hole from the right and the second hole from the bottom. On the left side, right underneath the connect button for wireless controllers, you’ll discover the gap between slats. If you still can’t reach the button, try to insert the paperclip at an angle.

Final Thoughts

We were years old when we discovered that in the event of an emergency, you could extract your Xbox Series X discs using a particular manner. It’s pretty straightforward, and it’s a handy tip to know if you need to rescue a disc if you ever get yourself in a pickle or lose power to the console!

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