How to Take Apart Xbox One Controller Properly – Full Guide

Most gamers agree that the Xbox controllers are the most incredible video gaming controllers available. But, sometimes, you may wonder how to take apart Xbox one controller because you have damaged your Xbox One controller by banging it around or dropping it. If you’re a regular user of the Xbox One game system and your Xbox One Controller isn’t working, there might be an internal problem or related to Sweat, food, and other debris that can also get creep on the surface. Your Xbox One Controller’s joystick may become stuck, or the d-pad may become unruly at times. To fix these issues, You have to dismantle the Xbox One Controller.

Let’s have a look at how to take apart Xbox one controller.

There are a few things to look out for, and you’ll also want a few special tools.

Things You’ll Need to Take Apart the Xbox One Controller

To begin disassembling your Xbox One controller, you’ll want a few tools. It’s hard to reach inside an Xbox One controller with conventional screwdrivers because of the design.

Some Xbox One gamers want to know how to disassemble the controller without the need for a screwdriver or other tools. However, we strongly advise disassembling your controller with the appropriate tools. The following are the tools you’ll need:

  • T-8 safety Torx.
  • Flathead screwdriver.
  • Prying tool.

Assuming you don’t have a prying tool. You may use anything thin enough to fit between the controller shell and the end covers to pry open the gap, such as a guitar pick or an ATM card. If you don’t have all the tools, don’t worry. You can buy Xbox One controller tool kits online.

Torx screws are used in Xbox controllers because star-shaped heads are more secure than flatheads and transmit more torque, thus got tightened to a greater degree of security.

Note: Microsoft advises against opening the Xbox One controller. For internal repairs, it suggests that you seek the assistance of a specialist. Be careful not to damage the components because doing so might void the warranty. Additionally, Microsoft advises against using any liquid cleaning, as even cautious use might lead to moisture gathering within your controller.

Xbox One Console and Controllers

How To Take Apart Xbox One Controller

Many controller difficulties may get fixed by running the controller through a complete power cycle, so you won’t have to disassemble it. Still, if you need to How To Take Apart Xbox One Controller, Here’s how to do it: hold the Xbox button for 5 to 10 seconds until the controller goes off to do a power cycle. To turn the controller back on, hold down the Xbox button for a few seconds before hitting it again.

If you need to open up your controller, We’ll go through how to disassemble an Xbox One controller in particular.

  1. To begin, hold the praying tool and carefully remove the right and left grip covers. Please keep in mind that the glue has it in place behind the plastic so that you can apply some force.
  2. You can finish pulling the covers off by hand once they’ve begun to separate.
  3. Replace the other grip cover and repeat the operation. Remove the battery and the battery cover.
  4. Now, you may remove the battery compartment’s concealed screw. Use the T-8 Torx bit for
  5. The Xbox One controller will come apart after the screws get removed. You must be cautious to avoid damaging the cable that connects the battery to the circuit.
  6. Use a Torx bit or driver to loosen the screws at the grip. The controller will come apart if you repeat the method on the opposite grip, removing the final two screws.
  7. You can now access different components such as rumble motors, triggers, and extra screws; you can unscrew these screws if you need to repair any circuit board parts.
  8. Remove the assembly from the front casing and flip it around to access the majority of the other components.
  9. Once You have successfully dismantled the Xbox One controller, the analog sticks and d-pad, as well as specific other components, can get removed. You can either replace or clean these components.
  10. To reassemble the controller, follow the instructions listed:
    Reinstall the controller assembly in the front case, attach the rear compartment, and tighten all the screws before replacing the grip covers and the battery cover.
    It’s essential to ensure that the battery connectors are lined up correctly within the outer casing.
    The audio jack beneath is perfectly fitted into the outer shell while assembling the controller.

Why take apart your Xbox controller?

Even though, now know how to take apart Xbox one controller. But, why would you want to do so? If your analog sticks are drifting or your D-pad is malfunctioning, you may wish to disassemble your Xbox One controller to solve these problems. Taking apart your Xbox One controller is a great way to add new features and personalize it even more. You may, for example, add LEDs to the controller.

The Xbox One controller gets lots of use. Thus, regular care is required. In addition to wiping down the buttons regularly, you should clean your controller internally once in a while. You can use canned air or any other method to clear the dust from your controller after removing the circuit board assembly from the controller shell.

Note: After reassembly, your Xbox One controller should work correctly regardless of whether you cleaned or repaired it. If this doesn’t work, you might want to consider purchasing a new controller or using alternative ways.

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Bottom Line

The Xbox One controller is not difficult to dismantle. It’s as easy as following a few simple steps but proceed with caution. Make sure all parts are clean and operating correctly, and replace any that aren’t. If you can, repair the Xbox One controller on your own. If you can’t fix it yourself, hire a professional to help you. Also, there is an article for those who interested to discover top accessories for Xbox Series X and S.


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