Do Freelancing Without Getting Caught by Fraudsters – 10 Tips for Designers

Freelancing is a job that has to be done freely without stress. A freelancer values his freedom, happiness, money, and time. And everyone should learn to do freelancing without getting caught by fraudsters and avoiding scammers. After coming across several scams and learned few lessons while dealing with clients for many years as a freelancer. We will leave a note of it because we thought it would help a fresher freelance Designer.

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How to do freelancing without getting caught by fraudsters – Top 10 Facts as Advices for Beginners.

1. Do not start a project without receiving an advance payment at all. Start the project after getting a 50% of advance payment. Actually, this is a good sign that your work is to be purchased. Take the balance of 50% before handover the final design.

2. Do not give advice, spec work, rough sketches, and samples. Show them a Portfolio Site included with your best designs. Ask to use it to estimate your skills.

3. Ask for mobile numbers and addresses to contact the customer. It will help to contact him at sudden incidents.

4. Take an agreement on the project and payment method by written confirmation, invoice, or/and conversation screenshots. Get the payment via PayPal if it is possible.

5. Give low-resolution files when sharing design previews and concepts. Otherwise, put watermarks or gridlines. Do not share vector files at all.

6. Do not share the final design without receiving full payment in any situation.

7. Refrain from designing for friends and relatives as much as possible. (You know, it would be annoying sometimes. But it depends on their characteristics/personalities. So, it is up to you to decide according to the occasion.)

8. Charge a fee commensurate with your effort. (Also consider about these facts wisely: Avoid going to work for a very low amount of money as the orders are rare at the beginning. Inform the client that you may be charged extra for doing something that was not promised when placing the order.)

9. Be respectful as a freelancer.

10. Ask questions about the order as much as possible from the client. Be mindful of his purpose and behavior. It will help to identify a scammer.

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Always try to avoid getting scammed, as a new freelancer. If you found this article helpful to do freelancing without getting caught by fraudsters, don’t forget to share with others.


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