Top 5 Curved Computer Monitors – How to Pick the Best for 2023

Monitors are essential parts of a computer because they are the item you spend most of your time watching. It is vital to choose a monitor that you will use for the next few hours and days, and years. Especially, curved monitors are a relatively new development in the world of PC displays. One of the prominent attractions of curved monitors is that their curvature makes things sink more. Adding a third dimension to flat screens usually gives the curved monitor more life. Besides, curved monitors reduce distortion from a wide-angle. Now let’s see what the best-curved computer monitor are.

Curved Computer Monitor | High-Resolution (Gaming)

Samsung 49″ CHG90

Samsung 49" CHG90 Curved Computer Monitor - High-Resolution (Gaming)
Image Credit: Samsung

If you’re looking for a giant monitor, the CHG90 is for you. At 49 “, this monitor dwarfs the standard 34” display of most curved monitors. It is the most significant indirect monitor on the market. This monitor requires a curved monitor to work for players looking for a seriously immersed experience or intense multitasking, running three applications simultaneously. It includes high dynamic bandwidth (HDR) support and FreeSync 2 technology to minimize screen tearing.

Samsung 49" CHG90 Curve Design Gaming Monitor - QLED - All Monitor Ports & Connections
Monitor Ports | Image Credit: Samsung

For those who need a responsive monitor, one millisecond response time and 144Hz refresh rate are also great. At a 32:9 aspect ratio, Monitor 2 is as large as a standard 24″ 16:9 screen. However, with a 3840 x 1080, it is not as sharp as other monitors on the market. Also, the monitor’s weight is not something you would typically worry about, and it comes in at 34 pounds, which is more than most cases. So, it is not that heavy. That saying, the position does an appropriate job of this. But, naturally, it will be very badly damaged so you will want to consider fitting this.

BenQ EX3200R

BenQ EX3200R Curved Gaming Monitor
Image Credit: BenQ

As we know, curved monitors are more expensive than flat monitors. Finding cheaper options is more complex than usual. If you are looking for one that does not break the bank, the nearest point of access to a cheap curved monitor is the BenQ EX3200R. This monitor includes several great features for its price point. BenQ also has a fast 144Hz refresh rate and FreeSync support, which is excellent if you are an AMD GPU player. Also, it has a nice difference, and its height can adjust. Of course, you can’t get all most every feature at such a low price.

The most significant disadvantage of this monitor is the 1080p resolution. The color range is also slightly lower, and this monitor includes fewer ports than the others. These concerns are not too problematic. Besides, it only costs half as much as a high-end monitor, and not every feature available is expecting. However, this monitor works attractively and has very attractive features at a handsome price.

LG 34UC79G

LG 34UC79G-B 34 Inch 21:9 UltraGear™ Full HD IPS Curved Gaming Monitor
Image Credit: LG

Many buyers are looking for a curved monitor for one specific reason, and some want an excellent multifunctional curved display. The LG 34UC79G can be used for sports, watching movies, or working – all at a reasonable price. It has a new rate of 144Hz and is compatible with FreeSync technology to prevent screen tearing. Also, the IPS panel gives it wide viewing angles and has a remarkable contrast ratio. The monitor can be bright but has good picture quality. Sadly, the resolution is only 2560 x 1080, which is not particularly significant at this point.

While not the most impressive display or resolution, this monitor fits in well with its multifunctional role. With its significant refresh rate and IPS screen and its moderate price, this monitor can use for various purposes.

Acer XR382CQK

Acer XR382CQK Curved Computer Monitor - Gaming
Image Credit: Acer

The Acer XR382CQX, which is intending to be a gaming monitor, has a striking display. The 38″ x 3800 x 1600 resolution of this 38″ monitor is remarkable – though unusual – for its size. IPS displays almost always have large viewing angles, so they can be tilted well to allow the monitor’s position to view from different angles. HDR gives the monitor a more considerable difference than your standard monitor. It also includes eye protectors to reduce eye strain. The decent refresh rate of the monitor is 75Hz. FreeSync compatibility is also building in.

Asus ROG Swift PG348Q

Asus ROG Swift PG348Q (Top 5 Curved Computer Monitors - How to Pick the Best)
Image Credit: ASUS

The Asus ROG Swift PG348Q is a state-of-the-art gaming monitor. If you like high-level gaming on an indirect monitor, this screen has all the features you need. G-Sync support includes this monitor, which corrects screen tearing if you have an NVIDIA graphics card. This IPS panel monitor has an extremely wide 21: 9 aspect ratio of 3440 x 1440. The contrast and color of this monitor are also top-notch. Like most IPS displays, it has excellent viewing angles—the combination of high resolution and IPS technology results in beautiful, high-resolution images. A joystick is included on the back of the Asus monitor to make navigating the menus easier.

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How To Pick The Best Curved Monitor.

Suppose that when you choose a curved monitor, it is vital to choose the right monitor for your situation. There are various main factors to consider when choosing your monitor. The PC component you have been waiting for the most, so you need to choose an indirect monitor that suits you.

Curved Vs. Ultrawide

Although there are monitors on both of these – these are not features that should put together. They often occur by overlap.

Screen Size

The most straightforward thing to consider when buying a curved monitor is the screen size. Larger screens are more immersive and are best for gaming or watching movies. Of course, you need to make sure that your screen fits on your desk.


All things being equal, high-resolution screens always look better. The more pixels you can pack into the screen, the better the image quality. The other important factor when choosing a resolution is the graphic performance of your computer. Further, if your GPU is weak, getting a 4K screen is unavoidable. You can buy a high-quality monitor and not even be able to use it! Most importantly, consider what functions you use your monitor for it. For example, you can watch a movie with a low to medium GPU in 4K, but gaming in 4K is more intense and requires a higher level GPU.

Pixels Per Inch.

The number of PPI can have a massive impact on your screen’s appearance. Sharp images appear on the screen when the PPI of a monitor is high. PPI affects the resolution of the monitor as well as the size of the monitor. So if it is more significant than a high-resolution monitor, it may have a lower PPI. As a rule, the higher the PPI of the monitor, the better. Although higher PPI monitors are more expensive, increasing the resolution also increases the cost.

You have to know how far away you are from the monitor you are sitting on. Also, it does not change the PPI, but it can change how sharp an image is. Most people tend to sit at arm’s length from the screen, but if you sit further, the pixels will be less visible, which means you need less PPI to see a sharper image. Of course, the opposite is true and obvious if you sit close by. So it is why you can get rid of lower PPI than a TV: your eyes can tell the difference from a distance.

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