Resume IDM Downloads Easily – Continue Broken, Corrupted or Expired Internet Download Manager Files | How to Fix IDM Resume Not Working – Internet Download Manager Fix 2024

Many people use the Internet Download Manager to manage browser downloads and download files faster. Therefore, resume IDM downloads properly is mandatory for them in case there is a interrupt. In IDM sometimes we face a problem. How to resume an expired, broken download item after several time periods. So this article will help you to learn how to resume a broken, expired or corrupted download item in Internet Download Manager (IDM). First here is a simple introduction to IDM.

What is Internet Download Manager?

Internet Download Manager is an advanced file downloading software owned by an American Company called Tonec FZE. This is super easy software to schedule and manage downloads. And this works on Microsoft Operating systems. This is paid software, but you can trial this super tool for 30 days from their official website.

IDM Chrome Extension

Get the official Internet Download Manager Google Chrome extension from here. It adds “Download with IDM” context menu item for links. (There are many fake apps, so, make sure to install the genuine one.)

Resume IDM Downloads | Fix IDM Resume Error – How to Recover Broken, Corrupted, or Expired Internet Download Manager Files

How does this happen? How does this file break? This may happen when you have an issue with your internet connection. Sometimes you face this when you try to download at another time. So this guide will help you to solve this.

Method 1

First, open your Internet Download Manager. Then you will see the all items which you have downloaded so far. So now you have to select the unfinished item in this list. It means selecting the file which you want to resume. So when you try to continue the download file in the usual way. By clicking the resume button you will see an error message. So how to fix this?

Resume IDM Downloads Easily - Continue Broken, Corrupted or Expired Internet Download Manager Files | How to Fix IDM Resume Not Working - Internet Download Manager Fix. downloading owner web page to refresh link

First click OK in the error message. Then it will redirect you to the website where you tried to download the file. If it didn’t take you to the exact web-page automatically, you can visit that page manually. However, you need to get to the correct website where you downloaded the file. Then click the download button on that website, as usual, to download whatever you tried to download earlier. IDM will grab the file with that fresh URL. Then it will start to resume the download process without any issues.

There is another way to resume a broken file in IDM.

Method 2

Resume IDM Downloads Easily - Continue Broken, Corrupted or Expired Internet Download Manager Files | How to Fix IDM Resume Not Working - Internet Download Manager Fix

Select the file in the IDM Downloads list and click the Right button on the Mouse. Click on Refresh download address. Also, this will take you to the source website. In the same way, you can resume it by clicking the relevant download button on the site, just like explained in the previous method.

Keep in your mind Not to start another download during this process. It will add that link to resume the file. Then will not be able to download the file correctly & it will corrupt and broke irrecoverably.

InkedInternet Download Manager Refresh Address Pop Up Window

These ways will be very useful to people who download large files to resume their download processes.

Does IDM increase download speed?

The Internet download manager is super fast by five times than other download managers. IDM download engines use algorithms. So it helps to accelerate the download speed during the download process. And also Internet Download Manager collaborates with all common web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer and many more browsers. And also they have introduced browser extensions for Google Chrome, MS Edge, and for Mozilla Firefox to make easy the download process.

Some Internet Download Manager (IDM) Features, Advantages/Benefits

  • The download item list in IDM is easy to select files and download them with one click. Another amazing this in IDM is the Built-in Scheduler. You can schedule the download process and schedule the time to shut down your computer when the download is completed. IDM helps to download files from your favourite site with the browser extension.
  • And it has a customizable interface with dark mode and many more features. Another useful thing about IDM is they provide their software with many different language versions. (Albanian, Arabic, Azerbaijan, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Farsi, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, etc.)
  • In Internet Download Manager you don’t need to worry about the update processes. They check for quick updates once a week.
  • Internet Download Manager provides a feature to limit and manage the download speed. You can limit the number of Mega Bites downloads per Second.
  • (Their automatic antivirus checking system will save your computer by checking and preventing downloading files with viruses and Trojans.)

And also IDM has a super easy installing process. They have 4 main licenses for their software.

  1. One-year license for one PC ($12)
  2. Life-time license for one PC ($25)
  3. One-year license for 2 and more PC ($10 per PC)
  4. Lifetime license for 2 and more PC. ($20 per PC)

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